On Monday March 14th, in recognition of Pi Day, Third Grade Math students joined with Miss Jen Stine's High School Geometry students, to engage in a collaborative exploration of the number Pi.  Pi Day is an unofficial holiday that celebrates the mathematical constant pi (π). It is celebrated on March 14, in countries that follow the month/daydate format because the digits in this date (3/14) correspond with the first three digits of π (3.14).
The student mathematicians measured the circumference and diameter of various circular objects and used their measurements to estimate the value of PI. This will be especially helpful for the elementary students since measurement and calculation are among the skills assessed on the Third Grade PSSA’s. The teachers reported the project was a fun and effective way for both groups to sharpen and hone their math skills.  They were especially proud of the high school students who proved to be excellent role models. After the activity, the students- young and old- snacked on various circular treats!
Pictured in the photo are Third Grader Emma Thomas and sophomore Honors Geometry students Gabby Bebenek and Abby Hager

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