On February 28th, High School students from Mr. Jerid Lindenmuth’s Contemporary Issues class and Dr. Ian McCoog’s Enrichment program, attended a Civic Engagement Fair at Bloomsburg University.  The event was co-hosted by the BU History Department and WVIA-TV as part of the release of American Creed, a PBS documentary about active citizenship.  Students participated in workshops led by BU students and faculty and also had opportunities to interact with individuals featured in the documentary, including Tegan GriffithMs. Griffith is a U.S. Marine and Iraqi War veteran who works tirelessly in civilian life on behalf of U.S. veterans. All students in attendance were encouraged to become Sworn Again Citizens by taking an oath to be responsible citizens and pledging to do good deeds in their communities.
Shown are Southern students participating in one of the day's group discussions. 

Special Features

Parents and other school community members are encouraged to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly those concerning digital learning and the use of technology to support future ready schools, by participating in the Speak Up Project for Digital Learning, facilitated by Project Tomorrow.  The annual national research project gives education stakeholders the opportunity to ensure their voice is heard not only at Southern Columbia, but at the state and national level as findings are summarized aLearn More

Click here to read a report presented to the Board of Education on November 12, 2018 which reviews bullying data collected by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The report provides data on the frequency and types of bullying behavior being reported by Southern Columbia Area students as well as a look of how this compares to reports of bullying at other schools statewide, and in Columbia County and Northumberland County schools.Learn More