Click the photo or this link to read the Shamokin News-Item's annual back-to-school story. In addition to the information in the news story, the following back-to-school news may be of interest to you:

The District’s partnership with the Fullington Bus Company has borne new fruit as the company was able to recruit enough new drivers to eliminate the two “double-runs”  which required one group of students to arrive to school early and another group to stay later than others.....The District’s farm to school efforts will be expanded with new raised-bed gardens planned exclusively for elementary students to be located in G.C. Hartman Elementary Center's playground area.....The Fresh Food of the Month initiative organized by the District’s Wellness Committee is gearing up for another year. The group, assisted by the SCA’s Food Service Department, provides students a free sampling of healthy foods as a means to encourage healthy eating habits. September’s event will feature a peppers prepared in a variety of delicious ways.....Junior student Amanda Unger will serve as the Student Social Media Manager helping to compose tweets and posts on the District’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Amanda will also be exploring the use of other social media tools popular among students to disseminate information...Senior student Alexis Burd will return as a Student Representative to the Board of Education. In this role, Alexis attends Board meetings as a non-voting member, providing a student perspective on the issues of the day.....Visitors to Tiger Stadium will notice a revitalized look as the cinder walkways encircling the field and bleacher area have been replaced with asphalt. The stadium entryway project being spearheaded by the SCA Football/Cheer Boosters is nearing completion. The new entryway will house two ticket booths and a display room which will showcase trophies and other memorabilia which highlight the history and success of Southern Columbia Area's Football program. SCA Alumnus Mick Fleming donated his landscaping talents and plants and trees to beautify the walkway leading into the stadium. The first of the 8” x 8” brick pavers have also been installed. The pavers are engraved with names and messages from Southern Columbia supporters and are being sold for $100 apiece as a fundraiser to support the entryway project. Order forms can be downloaded by visiting will be three new digital display monitors located throughout the high school donated by the Class of 2016.  Those displays will show news, announcements and celebrate the accomplishments of our students.  The digital displays will be located in the cafeteria and in both gym lobbies.....Ruckus wireless access points were installed in G.C. Hartman Elementary this summer. According to District Technology Coordinator Brian Davis the installation of Ruckus wireless enterprise solution in the elementary will improve the stability and speed of wireless access to web and network resources and will also allow the entire school district to be managed by the same wireless product.


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