The Ecology students of Ms. Kristen Vitkauskas are engaged in a unique ecosystem/agriculture project in which they are raising chickens that will make the interior courtyard of the High School/Middle School their home. The chickens will be free-range chickens meaning they will roam freely outdoors on a pasture (the courtyard) where they can forage for their natural diet, which includes seeds, green plants, insects, and worms. While intended to be free-range, the students will supplement the diet of the chickens when necessary, ensuring they are receiving sufficient supplies of food and water. Among the goals of the project is to provide a habitat conducive to free-range chickens, ultimately allowing them to lay eggs.
Below is a live video feed of an incubator located in Ms. Vitkauskas' classroom which is being used by the students to hatch the classroom chickens. 

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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