Hearty congratulations are extended to the ninety-two members of the Class of 2017 on meeting all challenges posed to them throughout their K-12 careers! We wish each and every graduate continued success in meeting- and exceeding- those challenges still to come as they move forward in their lives and careers. Congratulations!
Members of the Senior Chorus perform The Best Day of My Life, encouraging classmates to keep on dreaming "big and loud!"
“It’s our turn to show the world what we can accomplish, whether it is going to college, seeking employment or joining the military, we must strive to do our best … changing the world one little step at a time."- Jessica Henrichs, Class President
"The best and most all-encompassing words I can give to you is: be good. Which is a summary of: Be good people. Follow the golden rule. Live your life with respect for others and yourself and know it’s okay to be wrong sometimes. Remember life is what you make it so I hope you make it a good one!"-  Mary Scopelliti, Salutatorian.
"Nothing worth doing is ever easy. In order to succeed, you have to struggle. So as we all make the climb onto this mountain we call “Life”, keep in mind, the higher the climb, the greater the view. So climb high, my friends. And may we someday meet again." - Isaac Wynn, Valedictorian.

Southern Columbia Area High School Class of 2017

Mariah Marie Adams
Jacob Michael Bainbridge
Nicholas Boyd Bedford
Alana Marie Bendas
Dean Douglas Bigelow
Alyssa Paige Bissaillon
Logan Raymond Bittner
Noah Burrows Bloom
Noah Austin Blusius
Leo David Bradley
Noah Owen-Tucker Brecht
*Phoebe Victoria Bridy
*Elizabeth Rachel Bryden
*Alexis Rae Burd
Kolby Scott Carl
Shane Christopher Casey
William Karl Clark
Zachary Joseph Consentino
Hailey Dawn Cooper
Howard James Cowell
Joseph Michael Cronin
Sydney Raymond Damgaard
Jessica Nicole Derk
Dylan Dante DiEmidio
Jared Lee Dressler
Nicholas John Fetterman
Shylynn Marie Flowers
*Francesca Angelina Forti
Dylan M Gatrell
Miranda Lynn Gipple
Anthony John Girardi
*Claudia Rose Girardi
Matthew Douglas Haupt
*Jessica Jane Henrichs
Garrett Russell Henry
Elliot Olorin Hicks
*Carter Francis Houseknecht
Lauryn Michelle Hower
Samantha Lynne Jankowski
Elizabeth Sarah Jones
Dominick Anthony Kandrot
Nathan Daniel Kehoe
Cody Truesell Kline
Randon M Knutson
Todd Marshall Lane
Sabin Reese Laskoski
Luke Thomas Leffler
Ryan David Lichtel
Lindsay Marie Lindenmuth
Sarah Jane Lupatsky
Kyla Bree Madara
Marc Andrew Malkoskie
James Michael McHugh
Drew Isaac Michaels
Curtis Scott Mommo
Julia Ann Moyle
Christina Hannah Podpora
Wesley David Powell
Joseph Robert Quintanilla
Cassidy Lynn Roadarmel
Ashlie Nicole Rodgers
Raevin Schell Rosenbaum
Dylan Patrick Ryan
Cassidy Sabo
Jacob Aaron Santor
*Mary Rosini Scopelliti
Justin Richard Searfoss
Elijah Woodruff Seidel
Deryn Nicole Seltzer
Jesse Eric Semerod
*Angeli Sen
Brian Scott Sevison
Brandon Lawrence Shepard
*Tricia Lin Shufeldt
Danielle Allyssa Smith
Brianna Lynn Snyder
Ryan Wolfgang Stimer
Brooke Ann Marie Sudol
Garrett Charles Swenson
Hunter Nathaniel Thomas
*Shane Elias Tripp
Jessica Lynn Wenner
Ryley Glenn Wetzel
Hunter Mackenzie Whitmoyer
Tyler Robert Wiest
Aliyah Morgan Wilk
Justin Edward Woods
*Isaac David Wynn
*Marc Douglas Yeager
Brittany AllineJasmine Yohey
*Cameron Steven Young
*Anna Racquel Zeluskey
* National Honor Society Member

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