The Southern Columbia Area School District was among 114 Pennsylvania schools awarded a 2014-2015, Pennsylvania Department of Education Safe Schools Grant.  The grant program was created last year, and allows schools and municipalities to receive funding through the Department of Education to cover the cost of hiring a school resource officer or school police officer. The District applied for a School Police Officer grant.
The grant requires that the person hired be a retired federal agent, state police officer, municipal police officer or military police officer.  We are looking for retired agents or retired police officers who have a genuine interest in keeping our schools safe and secure, and in helping to promote the general welfare of our students.
Among the tasks of the School Police Officer are:
  • Investigating criminal law violations and responding to police-related incidents occurring in the school or on school property, including traffic violations. He/she will take law enforcement action as necessary and inform the principal as soon as practical.
  • Taking appropriate action against unauthorized persons on school property.
  • Serving as a first responder in the event of critical incidents at the District's schools, such as accidents, fires, explosions, and other life threatening events.
  • Assisting the District in developing and implementing plans for managing crises (in conjunction with other emergency responders.)
  • Assisting the building principals in resolving problems that are not necessarily law violations, such as bullying or disorderly behavior, but which are nonetheless safety issues that can result in or contribute to criminal incidents.
  • Acting as a resource liaison, referring students to professional services within both the school (guidance counselors, social worker) and the community (youth and family service organizations).
  • Serving as an instructor of law enforcement-related education when requested. He/she will educate students in the role of police officers, and subjects such as crime prevention, substance abuse and driver safety.
  • Providing routine security checks of all campus doors and windows. He/she will patrol the campus' parking areas and take appropriate action addressing all suspicious activities.
  • Leading in-service trainings, educate staff about crime and justice issues, and provide training on crisis prevention and intervention.
  • Students will turn to the SPO in the same way they might turn to parents or other adults in their lives, seeking out him/her informally to discuss a variety of challenging issues such as underage drinking, stressful life situations, or even the legality of senior pranks.
  • Truant students, contacted by school officials, who lack adequate written permission to be off school property, will be transported back to school by the SPO and released to an administrator.
If you are interested in applying for this position please visit the Employment page of this web page for complete instructions. The deadline to apply is Friday, December 5, 2014.

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