Southern Columbia Area’s Farm to School and Wellness Committee efforts are being featured statewide through Twitter messages sent by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and through links on the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website. Both agencies are pointing viewers to the following web page:

The work of the District's vibrant Wellness Committee is drawing special recognition.  The Committee meets once a month, typically prior to the First Period class. Included in each monthly meeting agenda is the planning for the monthly Fresh Food of the Month events. The group identifies the food item to be served, develops a budget for each event, identifies local farms where the food item(s) can be purchased, and then creates a task list, assigning specific duties to each team member. Such planning helps ensure each Fresh Food of the Month event is rolled out as smoothly as possible. The Fresh Food of the Month events have been well-received. The food items served are usually "sold out" with students typically coming back for second helpings!  
Efforts such as farm to school and wellness have many benefits. In addition to help support the local economy and strengthen community bonds, they also help combat childhood obesity by providing more nutritious options to students, teaching them how to make healthier choices.



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