Congratulations are extended to the Class of 2016 on a job well done!  Wishing all our graduates the best in all future pursuits- never stop learning, exploring, growing, and challenging yourself to be your best!

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Southern Columbia Area High School Class of 2016
*Sami Abdul, Jessica Elizabeth Adamski, Laken Danielle Anderson, Isaiah Thomas Barwicki, *Lena Genevieve Becker, Nicholas John Becker, Matthew David Bell, Andrew John Bendas, Tristan Anthony Benware, *Casey J Bernhard, *Olivia Paige Bodner, Marc Anthony Boyer, Alec O’Ryan Brodie, David Eugene Brokus, *Kayla Marie Broscious, Mark Ryan Broskey, *Alexandria Naoma Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Brown, Dustin James Chaundy, Mackenzie Elizabeth Chaundy, Cassie May Cowell, Cierra Mae Crawford, Mitchell Owen Croall, Ross Lee Crowl, Joseph Michael Davis, Elias Calvin Deitrick, *Gabriel Bridy Delbo, *Gabriella Bridy Delbo, Gregory David Delbo, *Jackson Tyler Dorey, Diana Francis Dorkoski, *Jadyn Shyanne Dunkelberger, *Kaylee Paige Durovick, *Emily Taylor Eck,Mollie Lynn Fisher, Abby Nicole Fleishauer, Hunter Lynn Flore, Nicholas Samuel Freeman, Devonte Octaviuss Gaines, Hannah Margaret Gratti, *Olivia Scofield Greene, Megan Ann Greenwalt, Christopher William Grosch, Mackenzie Jo Haladay, *Stephanie Lauren Haupt, *Aiyona Adora Hayman, Nathan Curtis Henderson, *Robert Ronald Hergan, *Abigail Elizabeth Herr, Dylan Joseph Herr, Gregory Charles Hidlay, Ryan Matthew Hopta, Dale Robert Houser, Arthur Aaron Hower, Johniathin Dean Ivey, Thomas Patrick Ivey, *Nicholas Joseph Jessick, *Blair Noelle Johnston, Brayden Tyler Johnston, *Zsofia Lizabeta Kandrot, Shalyn Brooke Kashner, *Tyler Matthew Keiser, Monica Ann Kleman, Austin James Knepp, *Katherine Margaret Koschoff-Rapkin, Juliet Love Kramer, Dylan Martin Kranzel, Aaron Dean Kroh, *Maggie Florence Kushner, Jared Bennett Lerch, *Haley Anne Levan,  *Elizabeth Catherine Lieberman, *Blake Thomas Marks, William Joseph Marzeski, Jansen David McDonald, Austin James McHale, Caitlyn Marie McKinley, Ashley Nichole Miller, Hope Marie Miller, Alex Jacob Minnick, Joseph Scott Molter, Lon Derek Morris, Maxwell James Morrison, Amara Maria Nazario, *Elyse Olivia Rose Noll, Brandon James Oakum, *Jillian Elizabeth Oley, *Natalia Suzanne Oliveri, Walker Ryan Palacz, Cassidy Layne Pantalone, Lauren Ashley Parsons, Sarah Nicole Pollard, Austin Nathaniel Potter, Jacob Daniel Potter, Madison Marie Purnell, *Regan Mae Roadarmel, Taylor Nicole Roeder, Jordyn Rae Ryzner, *Hannah Jo Sage, Francesca Mary Schu, Robert Daniel Scull, Zebediah Wayne Sellers, *Mackenna Rene Shively, Molly Joy Shoup, *Nathan Richard Smith, *Matthew Dean Srednicki, Virgil Lee Sudol, Chase Jordan Tillett, Stephen Albert Toczylousky, Tyler Thomas Tomaschik, Jared Scott Torres, Mitchell William Tyson, Adam Charles Unger, Rachelle Kiyann Viruet, Dylan Anthony Walton, *Bradley Austin Whyne, Kayla Lynn Williams, *Alexys Victoria Yannes, *Samantha Emily Yeick, Joshua Charles Yoder.
*National Honor Society


Special Features

Parents and other school community members are encouraged to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly those concerning digital learning and the use of technology to support future ready schools, by participating in the Speak Up Project for Digital Learning, facilitated by Project Tomorrow.  The annual national research project gives education stakeholders the opportunity to ensure their voice is heard not only at Southern Columbia, but at the state and national level as findings are summarized aLearn More

Take a look back at the summer 2017 facility renovation projects and check on the progress of the Tiger Stadium project via Sway's storyline. Summer projects through August 27, 2017. Tiger Stadium- Start to PresentBefore and After PicturesLearn More

Southern Columbia Area High School eaned lifetime status as National Blue Ribbon School in 2016, being named a National Blue Ribbon School for Exemplary High Performing School. Click the link to read more about the school's National Blue Ribbon Schools award recognition. Learn More