The Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2016 gave the students a fitting send off to their next phase of life. From the stirring rendition of For Good by Olivia Bodner and Aiyona Hayman, to the heartfelt speeches delivered by our student speakers, Mrs. Baran, and our Distinguished Alumnus, Mrs. Jewel Bittner Griffith, to the graduation video produced by Tyler Keiser and Bradley Whyne, the ceremony created many memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to our Chorus, Band, and everyone else who made the day special for our graduates and their families. 
Don’t refuse to embrace all your capabilities that can make your life extraordinary.  Leave us with no regrets, no sorrows, no grudges, but rather a little bit wiser a little bit stronger and a little bit happier to be moving on to the next chapter of your life.  Dare yourself to dream.- Mrs. Louise Baran
I hope we stay loud and voice our opinions and speak out for what we believe in. I hope we don’t abandon our passions and keep doing what we love...And finally, I hope that we continue to be the awesome, easygoing people that we are, and really make our mark in the world. I have confidence that we can do that. So thanks guys, it’s been really great. Let’s go out there and kill it!- Olivia Greene
Congratulations Southern Columbia Graduating Class of 2016!  Get out there and change the world!- Mrs. Jewel Bittner Griffith
I see the untapped potential waiting inside everyone of my classmates. Our accomplishments are proof that our group will go on to do amazing things!- Lena Becker
We all know this upcoming August is different than the last. We are now starting to follow our dreams of becoming engineers, teachers, nurses, business owners or artists. Regardless of your path, rememberthese few life lessons: If it doesn't make sense now, some day it will; It does not matter how long it takes you to get to your destination; and Life is about the journey anyway. And, if you think you missed your opportunity, create another one.- Blair Johnston


One Moment in Time

I told you, I sang at my graduation so I decided to sing at yours! I always shared this with my young students who were just entering high school.  They were always a little uncomfortable about being the youngest, not knowing where the different rooms were, not knowing the teachers, and having  facing new challenges.  Listen to the words, they are words to live by!-  Jewel Bittner Griffith



Special Features

The Take 5 to Save Lives program outlines 5 things that we can all do to work together to prevent suicide.The campaign encourages everyone to take five minutes out of their day to complete five prevention-focused action steps: 1. Learn the Signs: Take a few minutes to learn the warning signs of suicide. 2. Know How to Help- Know what to say and do if someone you know is struggling.3. Practice Self-Care- MLearn More

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