Among the students recognized at the 2016 commencement exercise were twenty-six students who earned the distinction of being named an Honor Graduate. In order to receive this honor, students must complete ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade with a 95% or higher average. The Honor Graduates for the Class of 2016 are:
Olivia Scofield Greene: daughter of Barbara Heintz and Nathaniel Greene
Attending: The University of Pennsylvania
Major: Mathematics.
Additionally, Olivia received the Frederick A. Morris Achievement Award, given by the Union National Bank to Southern Columbia’s Valedictorian.
Lena Genevieve Becker: daughter of Michael and Gina Becker
Attending: Penn State University
Major: Psychology.
Additionally, Lena received the Salutatorian Scholarship sponsored by the Burant Family in honor of Alexander and Keenan Burant, both SCA Salutatorians.
Salutatorian Lena Becker, Valedictorian Olivia Greene,and Class President Blair Johnston pose with Elementary Principal John Fetterman, High School Principal Jim Becker, Retiring English Teacher and Guest Speaker Louise Baran, Distinguished Alumnus Jewel Bittner Griffith, Board of Education President Mike Yeager, Middle School Principal William Callahan, Superintendent Paul Caputo, and Special Education Director Jenn Snyder.
2016 Honor Graduates
Sami Abdul:  son of Chaza and Houssam Abdul
Attending: The University of Pittsburgh  
Major: Biology (Medical)    
Casey J Bernhard: daughter of Lisa and Ronald Bernhard
Attending: After a year abroad she will attend Smith College 
Major: English Literature   
Olivia Paige Bodner: daughter of Victoria and Benjamin Bodner
Attending: Susquehanna University        
Major: Education (Secondary English)   
Kayla Marie Broscious: daughter of Gina and Joseph Broscious
Attending: Wilkes University         
Major: Pharmacy     
Gabriella Bridy Delbo: daughter of Kimberly and Robert Delbo
Attending: Slippery Rock University        
Major: Pre-Medicine
Jackson Tyler Dorey:  son of Nancy Springer and Michael Dorey
Attending: Penn State University 
Major: Undeclared  
Stephanie Lauren Haupt: daughter of Darlene and Todd Haupt
Attending: Duquesne University  
Major: Physical Therapy (Doctorate)        
Aiyona Adora Hayman: daughter of Elissa and Kurt Hayman
Attending: Susquehanna University        
Major: Creative Writing and Literature     
Abigail Elizabeth Herr: daughter of Sandra and Clinton Herr
Attending: Bloomsburg University
Major: Nursing         
Nicholas Joseph Jessick: son of Maryann and James Jessick
Attending: Edinboro University     
Major: Anthropology
Blair Noelle Johnston: daughter of Brenda and Michael Johnston
Attending: Penn State University 
Major: Architecture (Landscape)  

Zsofia Lizabeta Kandrot: daughter of Deborah and Anthony Kandrot
Attending: Shippensburg University        
Major: Education (Secondary Spanish)  
Tyler Matthew Keiser: son of Pamela and Nicholas Keiser
Attending: Bucknell University     
Major: Engineering (Civil) and Management (Dual Degree, 5 years) 
Katherine Koschoff-Rapkin: daughter of Helen Koschoff and Wayne Rapkin
Attending: George Washington University
Major: Psychology  
Haley Anne Levan: daughter of Mary and Edward Levan
Attending: Bloomsburg University
Major: Nursing         
Blake Thomas Marks: son of Jerry and Jennifer Marks
Attending: Bloomsburg University
Major: Nursing         
Elyse Olivia Rose Noll: daughter of Roseann and David Noll
Attending: Bucknell University     
Major: Engineering (Environmental)        
Natalia Suzanne Oliveri: daughter of Suzanne Oliveri
Attending:  Temple University      
Major: Business      
Regan Mae Roadarmel: daughter of Kimberly and Nathan Roadarmel
Attending: Bloomsburg University
Major: Nursing    
Hannah Jo Sage: daughter of  Leigh Geary and  Douglas Carl
Attending: Susquehanna University        
Major: Mathematics and Physics 
Nathan Richard Smith: son of Lori and Brian Smith
Attending: Bloomsburg University
Major: Nursing         
Bradley Austin Whyne: son of Marie and Daniel Whyne
Attending: Penn State University 
Major: Engineering (Mechanical and Biomed)   
Alexys Victoria Yannes: daughter of Laura Yannes
Attending: Misericordia University
Major: Nursing         
Samantha Emily Yeick: daughter of Marnie and Edward Yeick
Attending: Bloomsburg Uuniversity         
Major: American Sign Language 

Special Features

Parents and other school community members are encouraged to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly those concerning digital learning and the use of technology to support future ready schools, by participating in the Speak Up Project for Digital Learning, facilitated by Project Tomorrow.  The annual national research project gives education stakeholders the opportunity to ensure their voice is heard not only at Southern Columbia, but at the state and national level as findings are summarized aLearn More

Click here to read a report presented to the Board of Education on November 12, 2018 which reviews bullying data collected by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The report provides data on the frequency and types of bullying behavior being reported by Southern Columbia Area students as well as a look of how this compares to reports of bullying at other schools statewide, and in Columbia County and Northumberland County schools.Learn More