Each year, an elite group of Southern Columbia Area students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, are recognized for their accomplishments through induction into either the National Honor Society (reserved for students in grades 10-12) or the National Junior Honor Society (reserved for students in grades 9 or 8). This year's inductees are:
2015-2016 National Honor Society Inductees
Gabrielle Bebenek
Breanna Burd
Blake Day
Justin Derk
Meghan Duzick
Abigail Hager
Elijah Hoffman
Natalie Hunter
Grace Joseph
Haley Knoebel
Kristin Kremser
Jaden Laskoski
Autumn McDonald
Joslin Notestine
Marley Roadarmel
Paige Sharrow
Abby Shimock
Amanda Unger
Eli Yemzow
National Honor Society Officers are Kayla Broscious, President; Samantha Yeick, Vice President; Zsofia Kandrot, Treasurer; and Bradley Whyne, Secretary. 
Pictured to the right are this year's National Honor Society Inductees and Officers.
Pictured above are the 2015-2016 National Junior Honor Society Inductees and Officers.
2015-2016 National Junior Honor Society Inductees (9th Grade): Jillian Dunkelberger, Jared Ebersole, Matthew Irons, Caitlyn Lichtel, Maria Maresca, Cally Seidel, Cassandra Sharrow.
2015-2016 National Junior Honor Society Inductees (8th grade): Evan Bebenek, Maura Blusius, Jared Broscious, Mikaela Brouse, Hailey Ciocco, Madison Colella, Kayla Gallagher, Gaige Garcia, Gina Gratti, Kayla Hauer, Jacob Herr, Nathaniel Hicks, Nathan Hunsinger, Michelle Kerstetter, Aaron Koschoff-Rapkin, Sophia Koschoff-Rapkin, Allyson Kranzel, Taylor Levan, Morgan Marks, Meghan Morrison, Kathryn Pollard, Lauren Rose, Emma Rosko, Erick Shufeldt, Alyssa Strocko, Chloe Wegrzynowicz, Rilyn Wisloski, Mary Zakrzewski, and Ronald Zsido.
National Junior Honor Society Officers are Morgan Cole, President; Emma Steely, Vice-President; Jillian Marks, Treasurer; and Haley Scopelliti, Secretary.
The students were inducted during a ceremony organized and led by the officers of both honor societies, and their advisors, Mrs. Tina Kistler and Mrs. Allison Burrell. Congratulations are extended to this year's inductees, as well to all returning members! Keep up the great work everyone!

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