On November 13th, the Induction Ceremony of the Southern Columbia Area Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society and the National Honor Society was held, welcoming 94 inductees. Enrollment in the honor societies are reserved for select students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership, service and character. As a first step, students must be enrolled at Southern Columbia Area the equivalent of one semester and have a cumulative scholastic average of at least 93 percent. After meeting this standard, a panel of educators reviews each student’s record for evidence of the four pillars required for Honor Society membership. We commend our students for their good conduct, high achievement and service to our school and their community. We wish them the very best in keeping up their excellent work!
National Junior Honor Society Inductees
Grade 9: Macie Buhay, Aubrie Miller, Trinity Neff, Bryce Turner, Grant Waugh; Grade 8: Mason Barvitskie, Jenna Billig, Sophia Boucher, Brian Britton, Anesa Brown, Isaac Carter, Sayla Chapman, Victoria Conway, Aiden Corrigan, Ryan Crable, Molly Edmondson, Landon Ferrara, Jaymen Golden, Jacob Hoy, Seth Hummel, Jake Jeffrey, Quinn Johnston, Conlan Kaczmarek, Landon Koch, Gavin Krebs, Amanda Lindenmuth, Carter Madden, Victor Maresca, Daniel Marzeski, Sagel McGinley, Kate Moncavage, Louden Murphy, Brandi Patterson, MolliLyn Petro, Jenson Purnell, Emily Reese, Ethan Rush, David Shadduck, Andrew Sharrow, Amanda Strocko, Molly Thomas, Shelby Welkom, Emma Wieand, Blake Wise.
National Honor Society Inductees
Grade 12: Luke Caputo, Aaron Koschoff-Rapkin; Grade 11: Tyler Derk, Maddelynn Griscavage, Meadow Morris, Thomas Ziemba; Grade 10: Clayton Bennage, Colby Bernhard, Kole Biscoe, Morgan Brill, Jacob Cambria, Stephanie Campbell, Savich Chapman, Justin Chen, Nicholas Chesney,  Evelyn Cook, Logan Corrigan, Cailee DavisBrock Dunkelberger, Alexander Eby, Jaron Ferrara, Gavin Garcia, Joshua Hergan, Hattie Hopper, Nathan Hoy, Kelly Irons, Hanna Keller, Abigail Knoebel, Avery Konyar, Gabriel Leffler, Olivia Long, Myranda Malacusky, Caden McBride, Alexander Morrison, Mackenzie Palacz, Rylee Petro, Joseph Quinton, Riley Reed, Madison Reidinger, Kianna Rizzo, Ethan Roughton, Cassidy Savitski, Lauren Smith, Marlee Swank, Olivia Thompson, Summer Tillett, Ella Trathen, Ashley Whyne, Lexi Yeager, Michael Zsido.

National Honor Society Inductees and Officers

National Junior Honor Society Inductees and Officers


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Southern Columbia is engaged in a yearlong initiative to Soar into Space in hopes of being chosen as a downlink site for a live feed emanating from the International Space Station. If chosen, students and staff will be afforeded the unique opportunity to speak with the astronauts currently on the space station sometime in spring 2020. To help the District's application stand out among the rest, Literacy Specialist Lindy Novak and Library Manager Amanda Noblit, have created a set activities and events.Learn More

The Take 5 to Save Lives program outlines 5 things that we can all do to work together to prevent suicide.The campaign encourages everyone to take five minutes out of their day to complete five prevention-focused action steps: 1. Learn the Signs: Take a few minutes to learn the warning signs of suicide. 2. Know How to Help- Know what to say and do if someone you know is struggling.3. Practice Self-Care- MLearn More