G.C.Hartman First Grade students were put in touch with nature, courtesy of the efforts of their teachers and team of volunteers, as part of the school's Third Annual Nature Day. The students spent a full day exploring and hiking through the District's Nature Trail, engaged in studies of trees, aquatic life, wildlife, and pollination. Since its inception, Nature Day has been planned and organized as a project of the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist and its Board President, Michele Richards-Williams. In addition to Mrs. Richards-Williams, the following volunteers shared their expertise of wildlife and ecosystems with the inquisiitve students: Maryruth Wagner, Heather Almer, and Nancy Corbin of the Columbia County Conservation District; Jon Beam of Montour Preserve which is part of the Montour Area Recreation Commission; and Randy Young and Mike Williams, both of whom are Middle School teachers with a proven track record of instilling a love and respect for nature and the environment in scores of students through their many years as educators. Thank you all for the lessons you imparted during Nature Day 2018! Many thanks are extended to the Columbia County Conservation District for providing tree seedlings for students to plant and to the parent and High School student volunteers for their assistance in chaperoning and helping students engage in the multitude of Nature Day's hands-on, activities.

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