Over the past year, you may have noticed a new Tiger logo appearing on SCA publications, stationery, and Tiger wear. The new Tiger head logo, the creation of aspiring artist, Madison Yocum, Class of 2015, has proven to be very popular and is now generally recognized as the District's "official" logo.

As you may remember, the need for a new logo arose last year when the University of Missouri found the then-used District Tiger head logo was too similar to the college's copyrighted logo. The District agreed to stop using that image and solicited its art students for ideas on a new design.

The talented Madison "Maddie" Yocum, then a junior, was tabbed by Art teacher Mrs. Casie Baker as the perfect student to take on this task. "When graced with any opportunity in my lifetime so far, I have never turned one down because it may have been considered too challenging," stated Madison. "By having the opportunity to change the image of my own school, and leave a part of me behind when I am gone, made me pour my heart and soul into desigining it." 

Madison worked closely with District staff to refine her work until the current design was realized. She estimates that over 100 hours was dedicated to this effort. Madison's diligence, hard-work, and talent has provided the District with a logo that has "staying power" and which will surely represent Southern Columbia Area for many years to come. "I believe if you truly set your mind and passion into something, great things are bound to happen," stated Maddie, "and that is how I take every opportunity."

Next year Madison will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Graphic Design. She hopes to combine her love for business and art into a career as an Art Director for a business-related magazine.  We wish Maddie the best of luck in this pursuit and the opportunity it affords to share her creative talents with a much larger audience!

Click the play button on the video below to view a WBRE-TV newscast from March 2014 explaining the need for a new logo:

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