While taking tests is low on the list of "fun things to do for students," G.C. Hartman students undoubtedly look forward to the arrival of  the annual PSSA-testing season since it also marks the return of the school's annual PSSA Idol Contest!  During this fun-filled event, SCA adminstrators, teachers, and staff perform songs, dance routines, and skits which encourage students to give their best effort in the English Language Arts, Science, and Math assessments. The PSSA Idol Contest helps students and staff remain postive and excited during the long testing window which opened this year on April 14th and concludes on May 1st. 
"The students have been working hard all year and are ready to show how much they have learned!" stated Principal John Fetterman. In addition to SCA's educators, Mr. Fetterman reminds parents that they too play an important role in helping their child prepare for the testing days.  "Providing studens a healthy breakfast, a good night's sleep, and a positive attitude will go a long way in helping students attain success on these tests- and in life! "
We wish all our students engaged in PSSA and Keystone Exams the best of luck!  Many thanks to the G.C. Hartman staff, and all District employees, for going the extra mile on behalf of SCA's students!


Can't get enough of G.C. Hartman's talented teachers and staff? Then click here to watch the 2015 PSSA Idol Auditions!

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