The students and staff of G.C. Hartman  Elementary Center will celebrate Red Ribbon Week, October 27th through Monday, November 3rd.  The concept of having a Red Ribbon Week was started by the National Family Partnership. Red Ribbon Week serves to promote drug awareness and prevention, especially in youth and teens. "G.C. Hartman wants our kids to grow up safe, healthy and drug free, so we are joining schools and communities across the country in taking a stand against drugs and promoting healthy choices," stated Guidance Counselor Mr. Eric Deeter. "In guidance classes, students are discussing not only the dangers of alcohol and tobacco, but choices we can make to live healthy, happy lives.  Students will also have an opportunity to sign a “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free” pledge banner.  Theme days are planned to help remind students that they have the power to make healthy choices."

Principal Mr. John Fetterman and his staff are asking parents to support Red Ribbon Week by "talking to your children about the dangers of drug use and abuse, setting clear rules about not using drugs, and monitoring behavior so that rules are respected and reinforced.  Together we can help our children to grow up safe, healthy and drug free."  
The following are the theme days of this year's Red Ribbon Week:
Monday, Oct. 27 - “RED-y To Live Drug Free”- All students are encouraged to wear red.
Tuesday, Oct. 28 - “Too Cool For Drugs”- Students may wear sunglasses or crazy glasses.
Wednesday, Oct. 29 - “Put A Lid On Drugs”- Students may wear their favorite cap or hat.
Thursday, Oct. 30 - “Sock It To Drugs”- Students may wear crazy or mismatched socks.
Friday, Oct. 31 - “Team Up Against Drugs”- Students wear their favorite team’s shirt or jersey.
On Monday, November 3rd, Janene Holter, a Special Agent with the Pennsylvania Attorney General, will meet with Kindergarten through 5th Grade students in their classrooms to promote drug awareness and prevention. Special Agent Holter will also hold special assemblies for the middle school (grades 6-8) and high school students that day.

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