During this past week, Building Principals have been meeting with students to explain revisions to the Student Code of Conduct that are now in effect as well as related revisions to the student handbooks. The revised Code and Handbooks are listed on the Student Handbook page of this website. One of the goals of these revisions is to clarify what bullying is and is not. The new code cites examples of bullying-type behavior, list consequences for each, and also establishes strict penalties for any student found to be a bully. These changes can be read by accessing the Elementary, Middle School or High School handbook posted on the Student Handbook page. In addition to these revisions, the Board is expected to approve a Second Reading of the District's draft Bullying/Cyberbullying policy at the Monday, January 14th Board of Education Meeting. The draft policy can be reviewed at this link.

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The following information was written by the Society for Prevention of Teen Suicide and is endorsed by the School District. Click to download a PDF Handout version of this resource. When your child’s life is touched by the suicide of a peer or a friend, you may find yourseLearn More

An anonymous way for you to submit a tip to your school is now available. You do not need to share your name, phone number or anything unless you want to.  You can submit a tip three ways: online, by making a phone call, or by using the Safe2Say Something App. What types of things should you report? If it makes you uncomfortable, submit a tip.Learn More