Southern Columbia Area's Development Office, a multipronged initiative whose goals include renewing and fostering alumni relations and creating a foundation to provide financial support for Southern Columbia Area's programs, officially opened for business on April 6th with a kickoff meeting attended by representatives of the schools which united to form Southern Columbia Area as well alum of the present-day school district. The Development Office is manned by volunteers consisting of alumni and supporters of Southern. Mike Yeager, Class of 1967, has been named Director of this effort and will be coordinating events for this newly-formed group.
The main branch of the Office is the Southern Columbia Alumni Community whose logo is shown to the left. Designed by Gail Zambor Schuerch, a  member of the Development Office Committee, the logo pays tribute to the school districts of Ralpho Township, Catawissa and Roaring Creek Valley, which united to form the Southern Columbia Area School District. Alumni of these schools, and other supporters too, are invited to join this effort!  
The Development Office is currently seeking up-to-date mailing lists for all graduating classes of Southern Columbia beginning with the Class of 1963. Paper copies can be mailed (or dropped off) to the following address: Development Office, 800 Southern Drive, Catawissa, Pa. 17820. Electronic copies can be e-mailed to Superintendent Paul Caputo at Thanks to the decades-long efforts of the alumni of Catawissa, Roaring Creek and Ralpho Township, mailing lists for those groups are in place.
A Development Office page has been created on the District's website and can be found by clicking on the Alumni tab located at the top of the page you are now reading. For additional information about this effort and the group's kickoff meeting, please visit the Shamokin News-Item to read Southern Seeks Worldwide Community to Help School.

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