On Saturday, February 22nd, thirteen Southern Columbia Area High School students will compete in a district speech and debate tournament hosted by Danville Area High School. The forensics tournament is slated to begin at 9:00 AM with the following students representing SCA: Adam Unger, Blair Johnston, Mary Scopelliti, Olivia Greene, Kathy Koschoff-Rapkin, Aiyona Hayman, Lena Becker, Matt Lupold, Sunny Sen, Tom Marinelli, Michael Willhoit, Emily Vitkauskus and Julia Mudrock. These students, along with the other members of SCA's Forensics team,  have been attending bi-weekly meetings since September, and have attended many other tournaments throughout the school year.

Interest and participation in the Forensics Team has grown steadily through the years. This is a valued activity as studies have shown that speech and debate education boosts literacy, improves graduation rates, and increases college admissions for participants.Good luck to our student competitors in all upcoming events and congrats and thank you to our volunteer Forensics advisors Vicky Kozlek, Ian McCoog and Sally Meyer for their efforts in getting this initiative off the ground.

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