Recently, three members of the Class of 2018, Elijah Hoffman, Kristin Kremser, and Eli Yemzow, met to discuss ways to encourage more volunteerism and community service among their peers. While Southern Columbia Area students (and staff) have a reputation for being generous, the trio concluded that more students would get involved if the community service took place in the community and offered all involved the opportunity to have some fun!  With a formula for success identified, the students took a "next step" and formed a group dedicated to this cause, Tigers in the Community (TiC).  "What this club wants to do is encourage students to actively help out in the community in a fun, socially benefitting way," stated Eli. "When we go out to help others, we want to make it a socially rewarding and fun experience. From going out to breakfast to possibly going bowling after we’ve done some work, we’ve decided the possibilities to making it fun and exciting are endless."
The upstart club has been actively engaged in community service projects with the benefactors ranging from young to old. For example, TiC members recently met to make fifty Valentine's Day cards which they then delivered, along with cookies, to the children at the Ronald McDonald House in Danville and the senior residents of the Riverview Point Apartments in Catawissa. The students also spent time playing games with the children and Bingo with the Riverview Point residents.
TiC members have identified helping out at the Catawissa Food Bank and at a new homeless shelter opening up in Coal Township as possible future projects. We wish these students much success and extend to them many thanks for their unselfish ways. Keep up the great work!
The following are TiC FAQs prepared by the student members:
  • What is TiC? Tigers in the Community is a student-led, student -oriented, community service club devoted to serving Columbia and Northumberland counties.
  • What are our beliefs? We want to provide a real, positive change in our community by focusing on developing relationships with those who are less fortunate. We believe that to truly succeed in this, we must empower ourselves to embrace new challenges and opportunities. We do this by making this as much of a fun, social gathering as it is an opportunity to give back. Nobody wants to be bored while trying to help others!
  • Who is in charge? You! This is a student-led and organized club. There aren't any fancy rules or requirements to be in it. Just show up and be willing to help in any way you can!
  • What do we do? We can do anything from shoveling driveways to playing BINGO with senior citizens. This is supposed to be a fun time to hang out so there’s endless possibilities in what we can do before, during, and after each event. It could be simple as getting breakfast as a group before we serve or so far as going bowling after we’ve done our work. Since all the power of this lies within you, the level of fun this club will be is determined by you.




Pictured are TiC members "hanging out" and having some fun while making Valentine's Day cards for an upcoming community service project.







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