While the U.S. Department of Agriculture does not require schools to serve unpaid meals, the Southern Columbia Area School District extends meal-charging as a courtesy to those students who forget or lose their lunch money. There are limits to this courtesy however, as the District must protect itself against those who take advantage of this well-intentioned act. When parents fail to pay for school meals, both the students and the School District are hurt. At a time when food and labor costs are escalating, it becomes even more critical that the District receives payment from families for meals provided. As a result, the following meal-charging procedures have been implemented in the Southern Columbia Area School District: 
  • A student will be allowed to charge up to $10.00, which will be applied to his/her account.  After reaching this limit, he/she will receive an alternate meal consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, milk, fruit and vegetable for lunch. The price of the alternate meal will be equal to existing paid/reduced lunch prices. This too will be charged to the student’s account.
  • All students with an outstanding balance will be prohibited from purchasing a la carte items.
  • The above actions will stay in effect until the student’s account is brought current. For example, a student will continue to receive the alternate meal until his/her account is paid in full.
Parents/Guardians are expected to keep a positive balance in their child’s account at all times. They are urged to visit www.myschoolaccount.com to set up an account that will enable them to view their child’s balance, purchasing history, and payment history. That site will also allow parents/guardians to establish an account balance notification threshold for each child. Once the account balance falls below the established amount, myschoolaccount.com will automatically send account holders an e-mail notice. If you have questions regarding your child's account, please contact Food Service Director Kathy Holleran at (570) 356-3505 or kholleran@scasd.us.

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