A project prepared and submitted by senior student Brady Petrovich, was named the Walmart Outstanding Booth Award for Science winner as part of the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Bloomsburg Fair.  Brady's display included information pertaining to acid mine drainage and an experiment entitled The Miller-Urey Experiment. "This experiment was first attempted in the late 1950’s and was designed to simulate early Earth conditions such as early life," stated Brady. "The goal of the experiment was to combine simple gases with distilled water in a closed glass system to produce basic amino acids and livable atmospheric conditions such as those that the early Earth would have had."  Brady’s work is mirroring that being conducted in the scientific community and hopes to answer long-sought questions about the origin of life including what kind of environment is needed to allow life to begin. Congratulations are extended to Brady for his accomplishments and to his Ecology teacher Ms. Kristen Vitkauskas for the guidance and encouragement she provides.



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