For the past several weeks, students in Mrs. Diane Wittig Musser's 5th Grade American History classes were involved in a collaborative project that required teams of students to research a "New World" explorer, identifying their motivation for making the trip and learning the importance of the journey on American history. The students used web and print resources to gather information about each explorer and then crafted that material into a skit in which they reported their findings to classmates. Each student took on the role of either an interviewer or the explorer and described the journey and its importance from a "first-person" perspective. The lesson proved to be fun and engaging and it allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of this topic. "It really helped me understand more about the explorer.  We had a good time writing and making the magazine cover.  It was fun creating the skit.  I hope we can do something like this project again sometime soon," stated Colby Bernhard. Added Hailey Miller, "To act this out and make the props really made me understand this topic a lot more- and I was more than happy to do it!  I love having Mrs. Wittig Musser as a teacher because she really knows how to help us learn and have fun at the same time.  So thanks for having us learn this way.  I had lots of fun and I hope we can do it again.  Thanks Christopher (Columbus) and thanks again Mrs. Wittig Musser.  It was totally awesome!"

Click the play button to watch scenes from the student Explorer skits.


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