Students enrolled in Ms. Tricia Hoffman's 9th Grade American History course and Mr. Ryan Mensch's English 9 course, recently engaged in a unique cross-curricular project that saw major events from early American History come to life in the halls and classrooms of SCA!  The students created a Living History Museum, which entailed writing and performing skits which told the story of exploration, colonization, revolution and other historical events, to rotating groups of K-8 students, as well as to upperclassmen, staff, parents, families and friends. Congratulations to our students, Ms. Hoffman, and Mr. Mensch for the successful implementation of this project, and thank you for an entertaining and informative look at America's past!


G,C. Hartman students help the High School reenactors pick cotton during this interactive skit which explained the importance of King Cotton during antebellum America. For additional scenes of the project, please click the photo below.





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