World-class Bluesman Clarence Spady recently visited with Southern Columbia students to guest teach a lesson about “the roots of the music that they listen to every day.” The talented vocalist, guitarist and 2012 inductee into the International Blues Hall of Fame, met with the High School’s Guitar, Band and Chorus classes providing them an hour-long, interactive guitar and music workshop. The lesson was arranged by Oren B. Helbok Executive Director of the Exchange, a non-profit group based in Bloomsburg. The group’s Backstage Pass to the Blues program brings world-class Blues musicians into schools in our region, at no cost to the schools, teaching the history of the art form.
Pictured to the left are Clarence Spady and senior Noah Hulsizer working together on barring chords. Below, the famed musician shows his versatility by performing a Chris Stapleton hit on request. 

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