Sports Announcements

Changes to Sports Physicals Paperwork
The change to the FamilyID online program was made to help streamline the sports physical process. The majority of the paperwork will be filled out online and the repetitiveness of all 10+ pages of paperwork will be eliminated!

All school and PIAA permission forms will be filled out online and signed electronically

You will need to sign your student athlete up for each individual sport EACH SEASON.

Fall sports registration will open June 1, 2017. This includes: Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Junior High Softball and Soccer. Winter Sport and Spring sport registration open dates will occur 2 weeks from the start of practices

When you make an account with FamilyID it will be good for your student athlete’s career here at Southern Columbia. FamilyID also saves your basic demographic information so that it can be used for all family members. After the account is made, each time you register for a new sport the information is filled out for you, you simply make any appropriate changes and click! This will save a tremendous amount of time, paper and energy!
The only paperwork that needs to be physically printed out for the school exam or the exam by your private physician is sections 5 and 6 of the CIPPE. The only paperwork that will be accepted as proof of a physical from your own physician will be these exact Sections. PLEASE either pick up a copy of the papers from the offices OR download them from the links provided by the school and print them out and take them to your physician. Forms from physicians’ offices WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED. This is a PIAA rule.The athletic trainer must have this exact paperwork on file in order for your student athlete to participate in a PIAA sport. The rest of the paperwork is taken care of on FamilyID.


Important Forms

The ImPACT concussion tracking system is a sophisticated research-based software tool developed to help athletic trainers, doctors and neurologists evaluate recovery following concussions. ImPACT evaluates multiple brain activities including memory, brain processing speed, reaction time and post-concussive symptoms. This test helps athletes get back to play safely following a head injury. All FRESHMEN who are going to play the following sports or any athlete in Grades 10-12 who did not take one for the previous season in the following sports are required to take the test:
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Field Hockey
  • Wrestling
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Competitive Spirit
A few facts about the test:
  • The test takes around 20-30 minutes
  • You are allowed to have a parent with you when you take the test. They may help you read directions, but they CANNOT help you with the testing activities. Doing so will severely alter your test scores and will delay your return to play after a head injury.
  • The ImPACT baseline test only has to be taken once every two years.
  • If you are not participating in a sport that is required to take the baseline test, you are still strongly encouraged to take the test, but you may still participate without taking the test.
  • If you have not taken the baseline test and you are participating in a required sport, you cannot participate until doing so.

ImPACT Links


Important Forms for SCA Athletes

  • PIAA CIPPE (Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form)
  • Athletic Training Room Form
  • SCA Athletic Handbook- All parents and athletes should read the SCA Athletic Handbook. The handbook informs you of the policies, rules and procedures that apply to ALL athletes at Southern Columbia.