Student Accident Insurance Program

Dear Parent and Guardians:
As a service to our parents and guardians, the District offers the opportunity for parents or guardians to voluntarily purchase student accident insurance.  Medical bills as a result of injuries to your child while at school are, in most cases, the parent/guardian’s responsibility.  Due to the rising costs of health insurance and the growing trend of larger deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, each student has the opportunity to enroll in the Voluntary Student Accident Insurance program offered by the school that could help offset these costs.  The plans available are: School Time Accident Coverage; 24-Hour Accident Coverage; Football Coverage; Spring/Summer Weight andConditioning Training Coverage; and 24-Hour Dental Coverage (can be purchased separately or with other coverage).  Please click this link to see 2019-2020 rates for the aforementioned plans.
The Voluntary Student Accident Insurance protection is being underwritten by Gerber Life Insurance Company, White Plains, NY 10605. Your questions concerning insurance coverage can be answered by calling 800-727-7642.
You can apply for coverage online by visiting and completing the following steps:
1. Click “Enroll Now
2. Select State and click “Look Up”
3. Click on School or District
4. Select school location name
5. Check the plan options
6. Complete online application (more than one child can be enrolled on the same application)
7. Pay by credit/debit
8. Print ID card
Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Denise Kreisher, Business Manager


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