The May 14, 2001 Board Meeting of the Southern Columbia Area School District Board of Directors convened in the High School Library with President Craig Roadarmel in charge of the meeting.


         Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.


         President Roadarmel welcomed everyone followed by a roll call of Board Members.  He announced that an Executive Session was held at 7:00pm tonight for personnel matters.



Rae Atherton                                 Henry Hynoski                           Charles Porter

Francis Berger                              Linda Kreischer                         Craig Roadarmel

Elsie Bittner                                  Karl Meyer-Absent                    Daniel Yeager



Dr. Steve Wilcox, Superintendent; Joseph Springer, Business Manager; Richard J. Roberts, Jr., Solicitor; David Becker, Pat Shultz, Bill Hoffner, and Roy Clippinger, Administrators; and members of the media.





Dr. Wilcox reported on the following:

Ř     Recognized Terry Sharrow for his service to the school district and the PA Association of Athletic Directors, and his status as a PA Registered Athletic Director.

Ř     Updated the Board on ballots for the CSIU Board of Directors; letter to parents regarding budget issues; a newsletter will be going out to the community shortly; the legislative meeting passed a retirement bill that may prompt additional retirements in the district; a designated Board Member needs to be appointed for the Communities That Care (CTC) initiative; there’s only one outstanding MOU for the 21st Century Learning Grant; summer school will remain a remediation program for this year (July 5-26) and a Board motion will reflect that for the next meeting.



            Activities – Linda Kreischer, Chairperson, no report.

            Curriculum – Elsie Bittner, Chairperson, updated the Board on recent Curriculum Committee meetings.

            Facilities – Charles Porter, Chairperson, reported the committee met May 2nd and updated the Board on several projects: orange room renovation; elementary bleachers; high school roof; paving; stadium fencing; stadium bleachers; lower field expansion; lower field electricity; and soccer boosters proposal for a scorer’s stand.

            Finance – Karl Meyer, Chairperson, reported the budget process worked well this year.

            Negotiations & Personnel – Rae Atherton reported the committee last met May 10th and will meet again May 24th.

            Policy – Frank Berger, Chairperson, reported the committee reviewed and will present policies on three issues:  Terroristic Threats/Acts; Hazing; and Suspension and Expulsion.


Board Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2001

Page 2




CSIU – Nothing further to report.

            CMAVTS – Craig Roadarmel reported that a new principal has been hired to replace the retiring principal.


ITEMS – FISCAL – Discussion items only.



            On a motion by Berger and second by Yeager, Debra L. Olson was approved for the position of Elementary Secretary (pending completion of all employment requirements), effective 05/01/01, at a salary of $8.84 per hour.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.


ITEMS – PERSONNEL – Discussion items only.


ITEMS – POLICY AND PROGRAMS – Discussion items only.


ITEMS – ADDENDUM – Discussion items only.



Rae Atherton noted the district should look into a program on school nutrition and education and provided information to the administration.  Frank Berger asked if the upcoming newsletters could publicize the fact that seats are open on the Board and encourage people to get involved.





            On a motion by Yeager and second by Berger, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                    Susan J. Helwig

                                                                                    Board Secretary