The October 8, 2001 Board Meeting of the Southern Columbia Area School District Board of Directors convened in the High School Library with Vice President Charles Porter in charge of the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.


Vice President Porter welcomed everyone followed by a roll call of Board Members.



Rae Atherton                                  Henry Hynoski-absent                 Charles Porter

Francis Berger                                Linda Kreischer                           Craig Roadarmel-absent

Elsie Bittner                                    Karl Meyer                                 Daniel Yeager



Dr. Alex Dubil, Acting Superintendent; Joseph Springer, Business Manager; Tresa Britch, Board Secretary, Richard J. Roberts, Jr., Solicitor; Alan Lonoconus, David Becker, Pat Shultz, Bill Hoffner, and Roy Clippinger, Administrators; district residents; and members of the media.





Dr. Dubil reported on the following four topics:  1.) Enrollment of Southern students attending Columbia-Montour Area Vocational-Technical School was 39 as of September 12, 2001.  Last year’s enrollment was 45.   2.)  The Fall Issue of the Newsletter will be mailed on or before October 19.  The only cost will be for printing and mailing.  3.)  He reported that Nancy Abraczinskas and her Art students were awarded first prize for their display at the Bloomsburg Fair and commended them for their quick work on the project. 4).  Our United Way Campaign goal has been increased 35% over last year’s goal.  Dr. Dubil asked the Board to consider a motion to approve a day off with pay for one (1) professional employee and one (1) classified employee in an effort to lend moral support and offer an added incentive for employees to contribute to the campaign. Frank Berger asked if a minimum contribution would be required.  Dr. Dubil replied that he wanted all contributors to have the same chance regardless of their contribution.  Karl Meyer asked if Solicitor Roberts had to approve the wording of the motion.  Dr. Dubil reported that it had already been approved.  Charlie Porter expressed his concerns about the District selecting a charity of choice.  Dr. Dubil replied that the United Way is the only regional campaign in the area, and employees can select which organization(s) they would like their contribution to benefit.  The Board agreed to consider the motion.      



Activities – Linda Kreischer, Chairperson, reported that Coach Jim Roth is on track to achieve his 200th win at the October 12th game against South Williamsport.  The Board/District will be presenting him with an award following the game.  The Committee is looking into the purchase of a scoreboard that will accommodate both baseball and field hockey.  There will be approximately 120-130 participants in Track and Field for 2001-2002 season.  There are not enough warm-ups, and additional coach may be needed, and the high jump pit may need to be replaced.

Curriculum – Karl Meyer and Roy Clippinger reported on the meeting they attended regarding student and curriculum assessment.

Facilities & Services – Charles Porter, Chairperson, reported on the meeting held October 4th, 2001.  The architect, Mr. Lack, had several questions, which were answered by the gym teachers.  The Committee is still considering two scenarios:  1.) a large public gym with seating of approximately 800, or 2.) a practice gym on a smaller scale for elementary use.  A weight room expansion is also being considered.  Dr. Lonoconus is working with a group of volunteers willing to work on the project and equipment has been donated.  Mr. Porter recommended that the District hire an architect to develop plans.  The cost would be approximately $4,000.  Rae Atherton recommended that a motion be considered to approve hiring an architect to develop the plans.  A local bank has offered to donate a scoreboard.  They would provide an initial $1,500. and an additional $250 per year.  The committee is considering contract work for mowing in the summer due to the additional fields and to avoid hiring an additional employee and purchasing a new mower.  The Committee also discussed hiring a skilled employee to fill the position left vacant by Andrew Helwig. 

Finance – Karl Meyer, Chairperson, reported no meeting was held but the information regarding Act 50 and Act 24 would be reaching the public via the Fall Newsletter.

Negotiations & Personnel – Rae Atherton, Chairperson, reported the negotiations ended well.  She attended interviews for the 21st Century Grant Coordinator; a recommendation will be forth coming.

Policy – Frank Berger, Chairperson, reported the committee met on September 17, 2001, and reviewed the superintendent evaluation policy.  Dr. Dubil will provide several sample policies and forms for review.

CSIU – No report.

Vo-Tech – Dan Yeager, reported that a new Machine Shop Instructor was hired, and they are moving on to the next step in renovations.  The boilers will complete Phase I.  Rae Atherton attended the CMAVTS Authority meeting.  She reported that the project would extend over two summers.



Rae Atherton requested the September 10, 2001 minutes be amended to reflect that Craig Roadarmel reported on Negotiations and Personnel, as she was absent.



On a motion by Bittner, and second by Meyer, approving a day off with pay for one (1) professional employee and one (1) classified employee as the Board’s in-kind support for the Southern Columbia Untied Way Campaign, contingent upon reaching the campaign goal of $2,500, was approved.  By a roll call vote:  6-Yes, 1-No, the motion carried.  (Porter voted no.)



On a motion by Atherton and second by Berger, accepting with regret the resignation of Andrew W. Helwig from the position of Grounds/Maintenance Worker effective October 1, 2001, was accepted with regret.  Mr. Helwig had been in this position since August 28, 2000.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.





On a motion by Yeager and second by Berger, rescinding the appointment of Shannon Jeffrey as National Honor Society Advisor due to the fact that she declined to accept the position, and to approve Heather Hanlon for this position, was approved.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.


On a motion by Meyer and second by Kreischer, changing Brenda Webb from substitute Van/Bus Driver to the position of full-time regular run Van/Bus Driver (pending completion of all employment requirements), salary per Collective Bargaining Agreement, effective October 9, 2001, was approved.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.



On a motion by Atherton, and second by Meyer, amending the Special Insert to the Fall Newsletter to include statewide statistics regarding Act 50 and Act 24, was approved.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.


On a motion by Meyer, and second by Yeager, approving the Special Insert to the Fall Newsletter as amended regarding tax reform and the referendum questions that will appear on the ballot November 6, 2001, was approved.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.


The Board entered into an executive session at 9:27 p.m. to consult with Solicitor Roberts regarding a litigation matter.  The session ended at 9:31 p.m.


On a motion by Atherton, and second by Yeager, approving an Agreement with the parents of a special education student, was approved.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.



Karl Meyer clarified the agenda for the upcoming Finance Committee meeting.  Charlie Porter asked if public information sessions will be held clarifying Act 24 vs. Act 50 issues.  Mr. Meyer reported that topic would be discussed at the meeting.  Mr. Porter asked the Board to consider whether a possible gym expansion would need to be a primary gym for varsity sports or a smaller practice gym.  The Board discussed various ideas and uses and agreed to look at both size scenarios.

Charlie Porter asked if there was a backlog in the Driver’s Education Program again this year.  Dr. Lonoconus responded that the backlog was similar to last year’s situation.  The program offered by CSIU was discussed.  The cost of that program is $125 per student.



District resident, Debbie Thomas addressed the Board regarding an ongoing transportation issue. After a lengthy discussion, the Board requested that Mr. Springer ride the bus route and give a report at the next meeting.

Press-Enterprise reporter, Jonathan Evans, requested clarification regarding the salary of the 21st Century Grant Coordinator.  Mr. Clippinger responded that the salary of $32,000 – 1st year, $33,280 – 2nd year, and $34,611 – 3rd year would be funded by the grant.





On a motion by Yeager and second by Bittner, the meeting was adjourned at 9:32 p.m.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,




                                                            Tresa J. Britch

Board Secretary