The June 10, 2002 Board Meeting of the Southern Columbia Area School District Board of Directors convened in the High School Library at 7:30 p.m. with President Craig Roadarmel in charge of the meeting.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.


President Roadarmel welcomed everyone followed by a roll call of Board Members.



Rae Atherton                                  Marvin Johnson                           Craig Roadarmel

Elsie Bittner                                    Karl Meyer-Absent                     Daniel Yeager

Linda Kreischer                              Michael Orn-Absent                   



Dr. Alex Dubil, Acting Superintendent; Joseph Springer, Business Manager; Dr. Alan Lonoconus, Pat Shultz, William Hoffner Administrators; Richard J. Roberts, Solicitor; district residents and members of the media.





Dr. Dubil reported on the following topics: 

1.) He congratulated the building principals on a smooth closing of the school year.  Pam Petty was complimented as well for her coordination of transportation for end of the year student activities.  Dr. Lonoconus was also congratulated on the baccalaureate service, awards ceremony and graduation on June 5th.

2.) Dr. Lonoconus reviewed the proposed use of School Performance Incentive awards funds and highlighted the computer software, hardware and staff training that will be used to bolster the mathematics curriculum and instruction.  A public meeting with members of the staff and representatives from the community was held to discuss and approve the proposed use of the funds.

3.) Mrs. Shultz updated the Board on kindergarten enrollment numbers reminding them that in her staff presentation earlier in the spring, she stated that she may need to add a teacher if the kindergarten numbers exceed 100.  Enrollment is currently at 100.  The first option will be to move a teacher in from another grade but additions in other grade levels may make that difficult.  She will update the Board at the July meeting with her recommendation.

4.) Dr. Dubil updated the Board on the continued recovery of Tresa Britch, the Board Secretary (the substitute Board Secretary prayed for a speedy recovery as well).

5.) Dr. Dubil requested an Executive Session following the meeting for Personnel matters and an immediate Executive Session to consult with the Solicitor on a matter involving litigation.



The Board entered into an Executive Session at 7:45 p.m. and adjourned and reconvened the regular work session at 7:53 p.m.  



Activities – Linda Kreischer, Chairperson, reported the Committee met earlier with Letha Stone regarding compensation issues in the music program.  The matter was referred to the administration for review and recommendation.

Curriculum – Rae Atherton reported at the last meeting the district’s compliance with state standards was discussed and programs are operating smoothly.

Facilities & Services – Dan Yeager, Chairperson, reported that the Committee met on June 6th and discussed elementary gym floor options.  The target for a new surface is June 2003; a new finish will be put on this summer and again before basketball season to alleviate the stickiness in places and make it safer for students.  The field hockey field will be seeded around August 1.  The possible weight room expansion was discussed and may be brought to the Board for consideration at the June 17th meeting.  An additional lawn mower will be purchased in order to keep up with the additional fields added in the last several years.  The cost will be about $12,000.  The Committee also discussed asking an outside company to review bus runs for more efficiency and the possibility of having separate elementary and secondary runs.  Due to the large classes entering the high school, student parking may need to be assigned based on grade level and/or need.

Finance – In the absence of Dr. Meyer, Mr. Springer indicated that substitute compensation was the focus of the last meeting with the result appearing on the agenda for discussion this evening.

Negotiations & Personnel – Mrs. Atherton reported that the process of replacing the high school principal is proceeding.

Policy – No report.

C.S.I.U. – No report beyond the CSIU Board Briefs distributed.

Vo-Tech – Mrs. Atherton reported she recently attended an AVTS Authority meeting with the focus on the renovations currently in process at the Vo-Tech.  Mr. Yeager reported that the AVTS is currently dealing with a staff member called to active service and the policy implications of the situation.  He recommended the district examine its own policies in regard to the situation in case the issue arises.





Mr. Yeager commented that it was “great!” the district received additional funds for increasing student achievement.

President Roadarmel asked if the depository service was put out to bid.  Mr. Springer responded that it was not as First Columbia charges no fees for depository services.  President Roadarmel then asked if there was a difference in interest earnings.  Mr. Springer indicated another local bank had reviewed the interest earnings and could not match it.

President Roadarmel asked for clarification on a Single Audit.  Mr. Springer explained that if the district receives more than $300,000 in federal funds in a given fiscal year, it must undergo a Single Audit, which is more stringent in how it examines the use of federal funds.  The district will likely need to undergo a Single Audit this year due to the additional grant funds received. 






Mrs. Bittner indicated that Dr. Jordan was leaving the area and would likely not be able to serve as school physician.  Mr. Springer responded that he would verify that and remove her name from the motion.  Mrs. Atherton asked if the procedure involving sports physicals could be changed so that students who did not show up for a physical at their appointed time would not be re-scheduled but required to get the physical on from their own doctor.  Dr. Lonoconus agreed that re-scheduling has been a problem and the change in procedure would be implemented immediately.


On a motion by Atherton and second by Johnson, retaining Carl P. Beard, Esquire, to represent the District in the arbitration proceeding concerning AFSCME Grievance No. 86-1864-09155 at the rate of  Ninety-Five ($95.00) Dollars per hour, was approved.  The motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.



Mrs. Atherton commented on the Audit Review Conference recently held with the state auditors and indicated the report should be issued by December.

Mr. Yeager told the Board that he would decline any compensation for the Treasurer’s position to which he was recently elected. 

President Roadarmel complimented Dr. Lonoconus on the graduation ceremony and the many compliments he heard from parents and the public.



Press-Enterprise reporter, Mike Lester, asked where Carl Beard is from and what the grievance related to.  Solicitor Roberts responded that he was from Altoona and the grievance involves the filling of a bus driver position.



On a motion by Atherton and second by Yeager, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.  Motion carried by unanimous affirmative voice vote.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,




                                                            Tresa J. Britch

Board Secretary