Dear G.C. Hartman Elementary Families,

     Welcome to April!  Welcome to Spring.  I am pretty sure all of us are looking forward to the warm weather and our children are anxious to get back outside for recess. It is hard to believe it is already April and we are down to only three months left in this school year. This year seems to be flying by.

     The start of April also means students are almost ready to begin the final marking period.  Your children have grown so much since the start of the school year back in August.  The effort and excitement shown by them during the school year has been wonderful to observe.  It has been a pleasure seeing your children throughout their school day.  I encourage all parents and families to continue encouraging and assisting in the development of your child’s academic skills.  What a better way to prepare them for their future as they will benefit from all of your time and effort academically and you will also build many fond family memories.

     Our third and fourth grade students and teachers are also working very hard to get ready for the upcoming PSSA tests that will be taking place this month. As you know, each third and fourth grade student will take the reading/ELA and Mathematics tests and fourth grade will be assessed with the science PSSA. Our staff is working very hard to provide each of our children with the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful. We also realize that our dedicated parents are busy at home preparing their children as well!   Thank you for being involved and supporting your children with their academics.

     Please remember to ask you child to visit our lost and found area at school if they are missing any clothing or other items.  If you have changed your phone number, it is important that you take time to provide the office with these updates in case we need to contact you. Be sure to review the school rules with your child. As always, we want all of our students to make smart and safe choices as they get ready for the end of the school year.  Thank you again for your support, time and effort and let’s continue to work together to make March a great month for all of our children!

Have a grrrrr-eat month!

Mr. Fetterman