Teachers after PSSA Idol

G.C. Hartman Elementary 3rd and 4th grade students were recently treated to this year's performance of PSSA Idol. Elementary staff put on the annual show in a effort to help students feel positive and confident going into the PSSA testing period. A huge thank you to all teachers and staff who helped out with this year's show.

Lura Good -Host
Erin Spotts - Jammy McJams/The Believers
Andreia Walshaw and Kristen Diehl - BeeBops
Dan Hauer and Jeff Rooney - Fancy Friends/Horse with No Name
Sue Stone - Limitless Luisa/The Believers
Collen Kane - Small Town Girl
Rhonda Ivey, John Fetterman and Eric Deeter - Not Quite Queen
Sue Harder, Melinda Gaul and Michelle Petro - Judges
Shelley Hower and Shelley Pfirman - Video
Chris Medon - Technology
Letha Stone, Dylan Kramer, Maggie Stauder and all HS students who helped with sound and lighting.
All teachers and staff who work with our students every day!