2022 SCA Senior High Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday May 24th the Southern Columbia Area School District held the 2022 Awards Ceremony.  To see a list of the students who received awards please click the following link.

2022 Award Winners List

Seated in the picture are the following students.

Bottom Row (Left to right): Cailee Davis, Cassidy Savitski, Cole Biscoe, Colby Bernhard             Morgan Brill
Row 2 (Left to right): Hattie Hopper, Summer Tillett, Lexi Yeager, Marlee Swank, Reese Humphrey, Myranda Malacusky, Evelyn Cook
Row 3 (Left to right): Lauren Smith, Kiana Rizzo, Emily Allen, Stephanie Campbell, Mackenzie Palacz, Madison Reidinger, Kelly Irons
Row 4: (Left to right): Josh Hergan, Ethan Carpenter, Dylan Kramer, Nick Chesney, Savich Chapman, Caden McBride, Amber Nassem
Row 5: (Left to right): Justin Chen, Brock Dunkelberger, Alex Eby, Nathan Hoy, Jaron Ferrara, Olivia Thompson, Michael Yankoskie
Row 6: (Left to right): Matthew Masala, Brady Feese, Owen Sosnoski, Jake Rose, Ashley Whyne, Olivia Long, Paige St. Andre, Kylee Reeder
Top Row (Left to right): Jacob Cambria, Gavin Garcia, Joseph Quinton, Gabe Leffler, Chase Conway