Growth and Preservation

Back in the fall, Mr. Williams and Mr. Roth took their science and geography classes down to the lower campus, and landscaper Justin Ulanoski, of Native Creations, spent the day explaining to their classes a new plan that they had to add some trees and plants to the school’s property.

The native trees, berry bushes and pollinator meadows on our lower campus and behind the Elementary school are now showing great progress. Everything appears to be getting well established and thriving. The plantings were designed to reduce soil erosion, lessen the effects of flooding, provide food for humans and animals, take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, add oxygen to the atmosphere, and provide habitat for animals. When Mr. Williams recently visited the area to take some photos, he saw a red fox, turkey vulture and a white tail doe on the lower campus, all within five minutes of each other.

Hopefully, in the future, students will be able to pick and eat blueberries, service berries, elderberries and other fruits off the trees. Maybe our pollinator meadows will help struggling honeybee and butterfly populations. Our lower campus may eventually see the benefits of reduced flooding and the resultant damage.  Only time will tell, but the early results are promising.