Top Elementary Readers

Students who earned over 100 AR points celebrated with an ice cream party and rewards that included a Knoebels gift card in an amount that reflected their point level earned.

2nd grade: Isaiah Esworthy, (not pictured), Mollie Dermes
3rd grade: Makala Podgurski, Audrina Stefanowicz, Scarlett Rhoads, Charlotte Serafini, Marlowe Schock, Henry Race, Cecilia Bobek, Jackson Pfirman (not pictured), Caleb Cheddar, Olivia Condron
4th grade: Katelyn Brecht, Zachary Hoagland, Lillian Kirkner, Jason Young, Jocelyn Rarig, Jason Young, Jaslynn Stacy, Tori Haupt, Talan Torres, Keyton Keefer, Levi Race, Dylan Searfoss, Silas Victory, Emily Marra, Henry Lebo, Will Visnosky, Julius Norman, Elle Zanella (not pictured)

Top 5 readers in the Olympic Reader themed AR program with over 200 points  were Katelyn Brecht (gold), Zachary Hoagland (silver), Lillian Kirkner (bronze), Jason Young, and Makala Podgurski.

Congratulations and keep reading!