Commonwealth University Information

Bloomsburg University, Lock Haven University, and Mansfield University, together as Commonwealth University and Southern Columbia Area have signed an agreement guaranteeing admission, eligibility for merit-based scholarships, and on-campus housing at any of its locations..  

 The signing guarantees SOUTHERN COLUMBIA graduates’ admission and the chance for a financially responsible degree option to prepare for in-demand careers at one of the three campuses of Commonwealth University.  

 The agreement guarantees admission for the graduates who enroll in a bachelor's degree program and who meet the following criteria:

Apply for admission to any location within Commonwealth University no later than December 15 of the student's senior year.

Those graduates would be eligible for four tiers of academic merit scholarships according to the following academic preparedness of the student applicant:

• Tier 1 - 95% or above cumulative GPA - $28,000; $7,000 annually

• Tier 2 - 90-94% or above cumulative GPA - $24,000; $6,000 annually

• Tier 3 - 85-89% or above cumulative GPA - $16,000; $4,000 annually

• Tier 4 - 80-84% or above cumulative GPA - $12,000; $3,000 annually

 All scholarship recipients must remain enrolled full-time at Commonwealth University for a minimum of 12 credits per academic semester and maintain an overall GPA of 2.50 to remain in good academic standing and, therefore, eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is renewable for up to four (4) academic years, or eight (8) consecutive fall and spring academic semesters, if the criteria above are met.  On-campus housing at the Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, or Mansfield campuses, will be guaranteed for up to four (4) years of full-time student enrollment.

 For answers to questions, please call Mrs. Sellers or Mr. Donlan in the SCA HS guidance office.